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I aspire to be more like all other creatures. They follow instinct even when logic dictates otherwise. I’ve agonized for a couple of years whether I should sell my house and move. The Canada geese don’t pace around — trying to analyze or be logical. They just move when the time is right.

flying geese Oswego River Fulton

The past few weeks, water has been seeping through the walls of my basement. Multiple people including my mason kept repeating “This can’t be happening!” When my house was built, we did almost everything that is possible to insure no water seeped through the walls. My instincts said it was my hot water tank was the issue. Logically, this was not possible. Water was coming in from all around the basement not just near the tank. And oh, did I mention, the water had been shut off to the tank for two months.

gull Oswego River Fulton

I learned something new. Water can back feed from the rest of the house into the tank even when the water to the tank is shut off. It’s a gravity thing. There are perpendicular crosscuts in the concrete floor right beneath the tank — so the leaking water went into the cracks and under the floor for two months. That was around a 13000 gallon water leak if you’re counting. So how did my “lemon” of a problem get turned into lemonade?

robins sumac yard

The water from under my floor was pumped out via the sumppump to the backyard. There a flock of robins (normally not around until end of March) and other birds — were able to drink the liquid water and forage for worms in the soft mud and munch on some sumac for dessert.The birds are most happy with their oasis in the snow.

blue jay yard

I hope you get to walk with nature today so that you can hear that whisper of a voice that always points you in the right direction even when it may make no logical sense at all. Peace.

P.S. I do love the Law of Attraction. As I was proofing this post — looking at blue jay picture — the blue jays came to visit the compost pile for their breakfast.