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mute swan Seneca RiverI have a whole blog category devoted to the Law of Attraction/Manifesting but it still amazes me.

I have a few books I’ve written but haven’t polished and a few others I’ve started. After a break from my writing, I’ve felt compelled to return to it. The question, however, being what category am I returning to? Kiddie Lit? Romance? Dark Fiction? Memoir? I went back to work on a romance novel just for the fun of it. And I decided that I would combine my photography with my Course in Miracles Work with my MCS Disability info…. But I still wasn’t certain that this was what I was supposed to be doing. After asking for some assistance from Source (God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence…), I opened a document folder that I didn’t remember creating. And here are the contents written about a month ago:

We’re All Disabled in Some Way: Here’s What I Learned From Mine

The Spirit world has a sense of humor.

 I had the urge to write again. Not just my blog stuff but maybe a book. The idea of this book popped into by head.  I wondered, however, was it more in line with what I SHOULD do to finish my romance novel or revise one of my children’s novels. I asked the Infinite Beloved to give me guidance by playing a song on Pandora. The song lyrics I got … utter perfection. “It’s your thing. Do what you wanna to do,” by The Isley Brothers.

roses Oswego RiverIndeed, I’ve enjoyed the last few days working on both books, so I continued choosing “randomly” — selecting a section of A Course in Miracles to ponder and then write about and pair a photo with. This seemed a great way to dig deeper into my own beliefs.The first five days flowed very well. I’d ask Source to choose the section for the day. I’d rifle through the very large book and stop when I felt compelled. On day six, I was drawn to read two sections. Both sections complemented each other perfectly. However, no writing made it onto the page. I realized that what I was writing was contrary to the beliefs of many, and seriously, what publisher would ever publish a book about MCS and A Course in Miracles with my photos?

Today, as I do each day I went to Doreen Virtue’s Instagram page to read her uplifting message. She drew two cards:

Card One spoke of following my purpose that involved the arts and communication and NOT listening to my insecurities.

Card Two spoke of the need to accept that being different is just fine. Embrace it.

And Doreen’s personal interpretation: “If you tailor your creative work to “please” the masses, you will lower the vibration of your work.”

All this coupled with multiple emails in my inbox recently offering free videos from Hay House Publishing on how to write and get published…

Maybe. Just maybe — God is trying to tell me, “You asked for advise. How much clearer do I need to be?  WRITE THE BOOK.”

raccon with porcupine quills yard3For one of the first times ever, I’m going to need to follow my intuition and worry about the consequences and expectations later — rather than my normal listing of all the consequences and then choosing the path of least resistance.

In truth, I started the Course in Miracles memoir book for myself and it was only after I thought about publishing it and making money that the creative juices were stymied. I drew a tarot card for myself today and it was the self-love card.

So do I believe the Law of Manifesting works? Oh yeah. But like a child asking for parental advice, the real question is “I’ve heard the advice, but am I going to listen?”

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