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I’ve written a few posts about the Law of Attraction. It functions all of the time just like the Law of Gravity functions, whether I think about it or not. And yet, it still sneaks up on me.

I’ve noticed that when I am sorting my photos and I have music on — the songs will match the picture I am looking at.

“The River” by the Commitments.

fall foliage Oswego River Fulton3

Or “The Sound of Sunshine Going Down” by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Sunset Lake Ontario3

Yesterday, while watching a movie, the actors mentioned the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I wondered, What do they do look like? And then I read Linda’s comment, about my crow photo, “Have I ever heard a pair of crows whispering sweet nothings to each other?”

crow couple yard

I have seen them but not heard them. Today, I checked the TED site as I often do and there was a video I had seen before so I almost passed it by. The video was about animal sounds so Linda’s question drew me in. Sure enough there was a photo of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I did not hear the crows but I do have empathy for the mourning beaver. A few days after I took photos of this beaver dam — city workers destroyed the dam. Supposedly, the beavers had been live trapped but the stench of the dying fish and the desolation of the pond without the cheery red boat — all makes me a lot more aware today of what I would like to think about and consciously attract into my life. What would you like to attract into your life today?

boat beaver lodge Sharps Pond