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Sometimes when you look at a photo it is difficult to know the temperature outside. Like with this starling hanging out.

starling river Fulton

When we look at the ground it may shock us to see a rock dove laying in the grass in central NY in February.

pigeon yard

With the crows all lovey-dovey and Valentine’s Day approaching — one almost can hope that winter will pass us by this year.

crow couple yard

But then one night…

waxing crescent moon yard

the weatherman calls for a dusting of snow (6 to 8 inches) …

sunrise yard

but the snow just keeps coming…

a dusting of snow yard

all you can do is admire the sun kissed pine…sunrise pine tree yard

and be glad you won’t have to weed the garden today.

fall grass winter snow yard

Last week, I wondered if Spring was here to stay. I got my answer. It is -15 deg F this morning with feet of snow on the ground. My camera refuses to function in temps this cold and with the danger of frost bite, I stayed in, and  I opened the door to snap one photo for today.

snowy pine tree yard

Sunrise out my backdoor looks more like Christmas. But I am wishing you all a very Merry Valentine’s Day.Enjoy your nature walk.