This has been a week of more rain and dreary clouds. I did drop everything to go to the lake for the few moments of sunshine we had.

Lake N ice r

This photo is deceiving. It looks all serene but the wind was blowing so hard it took two hands pulling as hard as I could to get my car door back open.

Lake N ice r 2

Most of the lake is covered in a thin layer of ice — so I’m guessing the vintage snowmobile races won’t be happening this year.

birds in the tree yard r

A flock of birds came to visit my yard for a few moments before they moved on.

evergreen at sunset r

The sun soon moved on as well.

clouds sunset yard r

Hopefully, this week will bring more sun than clouds but so far the weather report has the clouds ruling the skies again. Peace and enjoy the few moments of nature I captured this week.