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peace sign Granby Getaway TrailSnow covered ground, blue skies, 40 degrees F and a camera in my hand — this was a perfect winter day — to see snow anyway. The following day was cloudy, and at sunset, I got to see my first raccoon thanks to the Law of Attraction. Earlier I walked all through the woods and only saw a few birds. I had fun and drew a peace sign and I spotted some raccoon tracks. I have never seen a raccoon in the wild so I was very excited. Alas he was nowhere to be seen. Later, I was in the house making dinner and I spotted an animal in my backyard and sure enough it was a raccoon. I had fun watching him try to stuff himself under my shed. When he gave up on that idea, he checked out under my porch. I had opened my window to get a better shot but he was a little to quick for that. At one point he walked right under my window seemingly oblivious that I could have reached down and petted him. I did feel quite sad for him. If you notice the larger white things on his face those are not whiskers. They are porcupine quills (another animal I have not seen in the wild. Although I have petted one at a zoo.) I hope you enjoy your nature walk and as always click to enlarge any photo.