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supermoon bloodmoonIn following though with yesterday’s post about being an unfocused blogger — here are a few topics I felt like writing about today.

2016 Advice To Myself:

Don’t blindly trust anything that doesn’t have a conscience or a soul.

This is a most valuable lesson I learned from becoming disabled with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). I blindly trusted that laws passed by my government were protecting my health — not true. Corporations can still legally put toxic chemicals in products, call them “fragrances” and not even warn me what I am being exposed to.

I blindly trusted the medical profession to at least know what MCS is — to take steps to make hospitals, doctors’ office, and first responders as free of toxic chemicals as possible — not true. I’m presently reading a book by a doctor I am enjoying very much — except the couple of lines telling me to find a scent I like and to spray it on myself and around the room. This statement came with no warning that most “fragrances” are made from a mixture of toxic chemicals.

I blindly trusted that my union existed for the purpose of protecting my rights — not true in my case.

flying osprey rt 57There are some doctors knowledgeable about MCS. The Center for Disease Control has acknowledged the issue with toxic chemicals in “fragrances” by implementing a fragrance-free policy in all of its buildings. A couple of union members gave up “fragrances” for me.

So I’m not saying not to trust — just don’t do it blindly. As you’ll read in my next section — the most important question to ask is why? And then whatever the answer is follow your own intuition.

Unfinished 2015 Business:

In response to the Artists4Peace question: “What 5 things would you want a child to know?” I previously wrote three of five. Here’s #4: BE CURIOUS. ASK WHY ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Image22loki(To be honest — When I originally started the post for Artists4Peace before allowing it to languish in my draft folder — it was titled: Be Curious. Be Confident. Be Committed. I changed it because in truth if I waited to do something until I was totally committed or confident, I would never get off the couch.)

Here are a few of my “why” questions.

double mini waterfall Rice CreekWhy can bottled water be more expensive than soda — since soda is water plus other stuff? Doesn’t the other stuff cost anything?

Why do we call people corrections officers who work in prisons and yet very little behavior gets corrected?

If Homo sapien comes from wise man in Latin (Britannica) and as a species we’ve been around being wise for many thousands of years — why can we not seem to agree on anything about our world?

baby squirrels RHLWhy don’t we let kids attend schools where they focus the majority of their time on what they are passionate or curious about?

Why does the squirrel go a few hundred yard to my neighbors, get a hunk of pumpkin, and travel a few hundred yards back to eat it in my yard?

What are a few of your ‘why” questions?

A Course in Miracles thought in my own words: I can’t forgive someone a little bit. It is an all or nothing proposition. If I’m a little bit angry with someone then indeed I am angry. Just as if I were a little bit disappointed or hurt or jealous.

My wisdom for the day: Forgiving someone else or myself is like taking the most powerful of love potions.

I am grateful for this movie by Michael Pollan: (enjoy for the next month)

In Defense of Food on PBS

Thank you Joe (steppingoutwithanagoraphobic) for being the top blogger to refer people from your site to mine (#2 overall). The other referrers were things like the Reader and widgets.

Have a Happy Day. What are a few things you’d like to talk about today?

black squirrel yardAs I was about to hit the publish button, I was looking at the photo of the baby squirrels and wondering if there was anything I mentioned yesterday that I like to write about that I had not today. There was a commotion on my porch (no it wasn’t Santa). black squirrel yard2It was a black squirrel — not one especially wanting his photo taken. And of course, I failed to write about the Law of Attraction today. Focus on squirrels — get more squirrels. With that thought I think I shall go focus on world peace or maybe just a yummy lunch…