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sunset kissed trees yardOn this New Year’s Eve 2015, the question is: Should I make a New Year’s resolution? Two years ago, I made one — mostly out of my own loneliness — to blog everyday for a year about love — 366 posts later I actually kept that resolution. I was about ready to declare that for this next year I would blog about gratitude everyday and then I wondered if I really wanted to commit to that declaration. So to look forward I first looked back — specifically to the WordPress year in review.

fogcanadagooseIn my physical world the people willing to make modifications for my MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities already have and those unwilling are still unwilling — so why keep talking about it. I figured this should be the case for my blog as well. However, you all do not seem to agree. Of the top five posts for the year — four were specifically about MCS and the one that was not, the numbers are skewed because we were using that post to make a powerpoint presentation to show my photography for a community night. So by popular demand — I will still include posts about my journey with MCS.

Image8noxI thought about posting a photo a day instead of one slideshow of them every Sunday. It popped into my head that this might put a burr under Sonda’s saddle (an MCS sister and fellow blogger and friend) and she might just tell me she’d be fine with both. Right after this I turned on the radio and on came “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger. And yes Sonda I danced. Sonda can correct me if I’m wrong but for now I’ll take it as divine intervention that the next year this blog will continue to see lots of nature photos.

fall foliage Oswego River Fulton3Maybe I should post more about synchronicity and the Law of Attraction… Truthfully, these things happen so frequently now that it seems as common place as breathing. However, after spending days in a musty flooded basement and shoveling snow with dryer vents of neighbors spewing toxic fabric softener this past week — my MCS reminded me that sometimes the ability to draw breath can easily be taken away so I shouldn’t take it for granted. Maybe the Law of Attraction/Manifesting falls in to this category.

flagsThose with MCS know that traveling even a few blocks from our MCS safe homes can have dire consequences on our health so I’d like to thank you all for bringing 43 different countries to me this year. And if I had the ability to I would need to give frequent flier miles to those in the US, Ireland and Canada.

rubythroatedhummingbirdIf this post seems a bit disjointed that is the point of my title. In thinking about the new year I’ve decided to be me. I am a spiritual gardener. I plant seeds or ideas and rarely do I linger to watch the seed grow — that is not part of my purpose. I’ve accepted this about myself in the physical world. I’ve had more trouble accepting it with my blog. If one reads enough about having a “successful” blog often it is stated that one MUST have a theme to the blog and stick to it. When someone comes to your blog they should know if it is about divorce or cooking or photography. If you’ve spent any amount of time on my site you’ll notice that my focus flits about like a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower. (Thank you to Liz Gilbert for her talk giving the nod to those of us who live full lives without following one path.)

ruby-throated hummingbird red bee balm garden flowersI’ve decided to accept that I am not passionate about one thing. I enjoy photography and writing and nature walks and helping people heal from MCS and interesting quotes and TED talks and”A Course in Miracles” and Love and Gratitude and Peace…. So I give no guarantees if on any given day I will be the canary in the coal mine or the hummingbird in the garden or the dove upon her peace perch or the crow being all spiritual and wise or maybe I will feel like being all of the above.

Image1birdsThank you for accepting me long before I’ve been able to accept myself. Happy New Year!

Did you make a resolution for the new year?