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sunrise yardI hope leftover photos can be as comforting and fulfilling as leftovers from a big holiday meal. With few exceptions most of the photos were ones I chose not to include last week for one reason or another. This was another week of warm but gloomy weather. An osprey landed in the tree in my backyard, deer frolicked in the field and a flock of cedar waxwings landed in the mountain ash tree. But this Saturday (photo above) it was mostly cloudy and FREEZING. For a few moments, the sun came out so I grabbed my camera and went to my favorite spot for birds and especially waterfowl. No body was home — not a duck, heron, eagle, gull, cormorant, osprey…. So for those of us needing a bit more nature in life — here’s hoping the leftovers are even more comforting than the main course. (as always click to enlarge any photo).