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Loki hiking (1)By the title you can correctly infer that my kitty cat Loki has transformed from being one of my earth angels to being a true free spirit. Loki finally decided it was time to leave her furry body behind the day after Thanksgiving. I say decided because my mom has said multiple times I need to write a book about the many times Loki had fought her way back from “death”.

Image3noxlokiIn all those near death moments whenever it was suggested she should go toward the light, she would fight her way back from the brink. I laugh as I write this because of my two cats, Loki was always the ruler of the house. I was looking up the info to make a link to the post I wrote when Nox passed last year — and my internet kicked out. Even from Heaven, Loki is making sure she gets top billing.

Loki taught me many lessons — here are just a few:


My brother and son went to pick out two cats for me out of nine that needed homes a few years back. Loki came right up to them. This may seem like no big deal until you consider that Loki at first was afraid of everyone ESPECIALLY men. For months, she would run and hide whenever anyone entered the house. Eventually, she let women pet her but for a long time she still hid if men came around.

Loki Lesson #1: No matter how afraid you are — if your instinct says go — GO!


Loki had a number of health issues. After only a few months, she had completely lost her eye sight. She never perceived herself as being less than any other cat because of it. She ran round the back yard, laid in the driveway soaking up the sun, and when she thought I wasn’t looking trotted up the middle of the road. Loki helped me to understand my disability with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). It is a fact that I lack the ability to carry out normal human functions in the presence of toxic chemicals. I am not any less of a human because of it.

Loki Lesson #2: Don’t bemoan what you don’t have. Get on enjoying life being thankful for what you do have.

Loki the Jungle CatHEAVEN IS REAL

I often check out Doreen Virtue’s angel readings. The one for the day that Loki passed was that an earth pet and angel pet would be communicating. A couple of days later, her posting for the week included two guests. Her cat pumpkin who jumped onto the couch and stayed for readings and another guest who drew from his cards the “Death is not real card.” This got my attention.

Loki almost died a few years ago. I had a garage sale at my mom’s and when it was time to leave my friend kept telling me to wait for her. It made no sense because we had our own cars and she was talking to my brother about a topic I was not a part of. When I got home I touched Loki; she was cold and still. I gently shook her for a response and raised her head to say good-bye. She slowly opened her eyes — dazed as if she did not know where she was. Multiple times for the next few years she came close to death. The day she “died” — she isolated herself in the bathroom — and pushed me away with her paws as the time got near. I went to get my mail to find I had my neighbors instead. When I returned their mail — my neighbor (not normally a chatty sort) kept asking me questions even as I walked off her porch down the steps to the end of the walk. This was too much deja vu — I knew what I would find when I went back in the house. That night after she had passed, I was flipping though the channels and came across the scene from 101 Dalmatians where the puppy is still-born and given up for dead when as the puppy is petted he is revived. My first message that Loki was alive and loved and well.

Image8lokiBefore Loki passed she did not have great bladder control. Multiple mornings I found her puddles of pee by stepping in them. Two days after I buried her — I walked out of my bedroom and jerked my foot up because  it felt cold and wet as if I had stepped in a puddle of pee. There was no cat and no pee obviously. I smiled and acknowledged Loki’s presence and was thankful I didn’t really have to clean up pee or change my sock — when 4 or 5 steps later I again felt like I stepped in pee. This happened one more time the next day. Message received.

Loki Lesson #3: Love never dies. We never die. We are never alone. Be still and open your heart — messages may come in all sorts of crazy ways — but they are always there for whenever we are ready to receive them.