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gray squirrel North BaySynchronicity happened the other day when a very chatty squirrel insisted I pay attention to him and so I snapped his photo. I don’t often post photos of squirrels just because to me they are so “common” and I figure everyone sees them everyday anyway. That is why I loved right after taking the photo, I came home to a comment from Michellina (her blog) from Australia how she loves seeing photos of the little critters because she doesn’t have them there. So just for her (and anyone else who loves the little mischievous fur balls) I’ve included a few squirrel photos. If there is ever something you’d like to see more photos of let me know and I will try to include them.

I find it amazing how I can interpret the same conditions two very different ways. The weather this week if it were summer — I would consider it close to abysmal — yet for mid-November — it is amazing. Amazing as in I can take photos without gloves on and get so warm I need to take my coat off.

I was very pleased that for the first time ever, the bluebirds came to visit my yard and I managed to get one photo. This past Tuesday was National Trail Day so I hope you got to get out and walk with nature. If not — enjoy a few photos from my local trails and as always click to enlarge any photo.