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I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the photos that didn’t quite work out.

Sometimes I’m not sure what view to select?

Sometimes I don’t get to share anything like when I went on the hike to take photos of Eastern Bluebirds. As I was looking at the cardinal — bluebirds flew left — right — and over my head — all disappearing into the woods chirping happily. I wish I could share all the sounds I hear. The leaves in the trees looked and sounded like soft wind chimes.

fall windchimes Granby

We only had two days with any sun this week and the one day it was only for about 20 minutes. Another women about to walk the nature trail with her dogs — knows of my MCS and therefore inability to walk around the neighborhood — and without asking she said she would walk the neighborhood instead of the trail so that her dogs wouldn’t scare any of the animals I might want to photograph. This was most kind of her. However, the only photo I took that day was taken right before we started speaking — it was of the Eastern bluebird or as it sits in my heart “the bluebird of happiness”. Although, it will be a short walk with nature this week — I hope you enjoy yourself — and as always click to enlarge any photo. Peace.