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Image10flagIf there is ever a day to think about peace it is today. In the US it is Veteran’s Day. A day to pause and honor all the men and women who served in the military to defend our basic human rights. In the physical world it does not get more real than sending our children to war.

Image17mourningdoveIn the spiritual world, the new moon is a time of receiving. The number one is a time of manifesting. The more ones as in today is 11-11-1(5) — the faster things manifest. Ones to me read 1 (I am) 1 (one with the) 1 (ONE). Doreen Virtue posted on her instagram site the request that we all pray for world peace at 11:11 am and pm today. I would take that one step further and ask that we do that every day.

foggy fishing Lake OntarioI am not a veteran and I have not fought in a war. However, when I became disabled from toxic chemicals — I had a small inkling of what it is like to stand up for rights (in this case clean air and water and food…) — become severely injured — and still watch millions continue to hurt each other.

Our veterans have come home: some with MCS and PTSD and without limbs and some not at all. They all need our love and care and support. To truly honor them I feel we need to spend more time and money and effort and training toward creating world peace rather than funding another war. From my perspective the toughest thing is to have sacrificed for peace and you are forced to watch more brothers and sisters — husband and wives — more of our children sent to war to come home with more pain and suffering heaped on them.
rock doves or pigeons Lake NeatahwantaPeople fight because they are afraid. It does not matter if it is a small squabble of two-year olds over a toy or adults killing over ownership of a piece of land. There is only one permanent resolution for war and that is love. Love will lead to the end of war and the beginning of peace.

So at 11:11 am what will you be thinking about? What intention will you hold as you go to bed and dream at 11:11 pm? For two minutes a day can you hold only love in your heart for everyone — everywhere — no matter what judgement you have held against them before? If you can’t imagine loving everyone — can you imagine loving yourself for two minutes a day?

waterfalls Sterling NYWhen that becomes normal, would you be willing to write a blog post on the 11th of each month about peace? Or do some random act of kindness? If you ever feel like no one else cares about peace, may I suggest you go to the artists4peace blog. There you will find posts from international artists expressing their views about peace via poetry, photography, paintings, essays, quotes…. They would love more contributors on the site as well.

World peace starts with inner peace. World peace starts with you visualizing peace. I hope you find your inner peace today and then share some with a veteran.