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To visit nature this week I didn’t have to go further than my own living room. I had been gardening and when I came into the house, I set my hat and coat on the back of the chair. When I went to put them back on I noticed I had brought a visitor with me. I can only imagine how long the praying mantis was hanging out on the top of my head. I’m also not sure what my neighbors thought when — not knowing how best to get the visitor to leave — I dragged the entire chair out onto the porch. Still liking the leaf pattern on the chair apparently, the praying mantis had to be coaxed onto a pillow and then carried like a king over to the garden and there he makes his new home.

Almost all of NY State is at peak for fall colors — except — our little section of the state but the explosion of color has begun. I hope as always that you enjoy a bit of what I saw this week — minus the wood ducks that were too skiddish and the bald eagles that soared too high. (as always click on any photo to enlarge.)