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Peace bench memoirial Oswego StateIf you’re a rebel and jumping in the middle of the list — this post is in response to the ArtistsforPeace’s site that requested a list of 5 things you would like to teach kids about peace. Since I wasn’t sure about the five things — I’ve approached the challenge like writing in a journal — this is what I think today.

(3) You set the B.A.R. (Believe — Act — Receive) for either a mostly fearful life or a mostly peaceful life.

Whether we set the B.A.R. high or low — it all starts with what we BELIEVE.

If someone calls you stupid — what you believe determines how you act and ultimately whether you will receive peace or strife from those actions. If you decide to agree that you are stupid — you are not likely to try as hard in school. After all why bother you’re stupid right? Then teachers will be on your case for your lack of success. This will cause you to see school as a stressful place that you will want to avoid. Your attendance becomes poor and so are your grades. And so it goes. What you believed led to how you acted and then to what you received.

Image29cloud0998But what if someone calls you stupid and you choose to laugh at that notion. You choose to believe that you are smart, and in fact, not only are you smart — you are going to work twice as hard just to prove it to that person. That belief and the actions that follow are indeed going to lead to success. And so it goes.

Which scenario would bring you more peace?

Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

chipmunk North BayI believe the friendly universe will bring me peace and the hostile universe — not so much. I choose to believe in a friendly universe and so I act as if it is and have found I receive a lot more peaceful experiences then before. The more people who choose to believe that we have a friendly universe — the more actions will lead to peace — and the more love for all of us to receive.

supermoon lunar eclipse bloodmoonPeace cannot be achieved fearfully. Peace can only be achieved peacefully. If you wonder which universe you believe in think of your reaction to my statement that the universe is a friendly place. Did you immediately agree and start to think of the beauty and wonder of nature and that great hug you got from a child this morning and how your chest warms as you think about your spouse’s smile? Did you think of all of the people running non-profits making sure kids have books and PJs and food — that animals are healthy and cared for — that all people’s basic human rights are guaranteed. Or did you immediately think “that girl is nuts”. Look at the shootings at colleges and the wars and climate change and the starving people… Which one of these scenarios is going to lead you to smile at a stranger today? To feel like things will get better no matter what? That there is hope that everyone — everyday — everywhere — will know peace?