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If you’ve looked at the many photos I’ve posted this week, there have been a few birds and flowers I am unsure of. If ever you see something that you know the name please share. If not — then I shall be content to enjoy the beauty of the creature without a name. I realized the school buses shall be running soon (that creates travel issue with my MCS) and October can either be warm and sunny or freezing rain and snow — so I’ve been out walking and taking photos every moment that I can this week. It has been most fun. I’m quite pleased to have seen at least 5 bald eagles this week — since they were close to extinction and I went 4 decades without seeing one in the wild — this most pleases me. I thought the Law of Attraction had failed me on Saturday (silly me). I had great hopes to see a green heron as I had a few weeks before. Nothing. As I was walking away from Glimmerglass Lagoon I startled a bird which flew up into a tree. From the size and coloring I thought it might be a bittern — but when I got home and looked at the photo on my computer — I do believe I have an immature green heron. This means there is a breeding pair of green herons and this means — there is a great chance to be seeing them for years to come. So grab your cup of tea (or other beverage preference) and enjoy walking with nature (as always click to enlarge any photo.)