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finish line triathalonIf you read my post: Bing Bing Bing then you’ll know what the title refers to. In that post, I wrote about how a bunch of these photos came about from me wishing for waterfalls and my friend wishing for hummingbirds for me etc. Saturday the photo session with my dad wasn’t going well — there was construction which blocked one place, I spotted a cool boat but got super sick (my MCS) when we drove near — from an extremely strong oil smell, there was a major bike race about to start in another place and my dad ended up not feeling well so we cut our adventure short.

glimmerglass lagoon oswego stateThe only place I really got to walk about was Glimmerglass Lagoon which is part of SUNY Oswego campus. My dad dropped me off in a different spot due to traffic and when I got out of the car — I was moving very slowly due to my MCS reaction — which turned out to be my first gift — if I had bolted out of the car like normal I probably would have spooked the bird. As I wrote before, sometimes what seems like a bad thing happens to make sure you get the amazing things. Right in front of me was a belted kingfisher. I’ve rarely seen one in the wild before and was very excited he posed for me. I walked on, still with wobbly legs, and decided to take some pictures of milkweed. I never actually took the shot because I startled a bird and there for the first time ever was a green heron. Now the manifesting comes in because about a month ago, I saw a plaque which showed the birds I might see around the lagoon. On that plaque was a green heron and a belted kingfisher –and I thought “wouldn’t I love to get photos of those.” And a month later, when I wasn’t even thinking about them — there they were. While I was taking photos of the heron a lady walking her dog kept trying to get my attention telling me “You’re missing the shot.” I’m thinking no way — the green heron is amazing. I turned and saw a great blue heron fly by and she shook her head at me, “No. There.” A deer had been watching me the whole time only a few yards away. I snapped a few photos and thought it was just the shadows but when I got home I was surprised to see the deer had a black face. Super cool. There are more stories of manifesting but it’s more fun to experience it then analyze it — so as always I hope you enjoy your nature walk with me (and click to enlarge any photo.)