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Image1bowlI’ve written many times about the Law of Attraction/Manifesting but I still love the feeling of amazement when the moments just seem to line up bing-bing-bing. Yesterday, I had read an article by Gary Zukov how he had really wanted to make an investment years ago that just wouldn’t line up and now when he looks back it would have been the worst thing possible for him. I also read the Angel Card that Doreen Virtue posts on Instagram, which said to make sure to deal only with positive stuff because my manifesting would be happening quickly.

Image4rainbowBring on the dented cans of refried beans. With my MCS issues, my dad does my grocery shopping. I was having a small get together and he did a great job buying everything except the can of refried beans looked it had been hit with a sledge-hammer. He picked me up another can assuring me he checked for no dents — there were three. What I really wondered was how was I manifesting all of these dented cans? I had earlier in the day and then again later sat down to think about how I just wanted everyone at my gathering to have fun. I noticed on my cell that I had missed a call from my friend the day before. I returned the call to find that she wanted to but wouldn’t be able to make anything to bring to the gathering. But was there any other way she could contribute? I requested one undented can of refried beans.

laughing American Black Duck Seneca RiverI got a call a few hours later — my friend was laughing so hard I couldn’t understand her. She told me how a woman stared at her as she checked every inch of the can of beans for dents. She made sure when it was packed it was done carefully. While she was unlocking the car she dropped one can from the bag and yes it was the can of beans. It was now very dented. She wanted to know if I wanted her to go in and get another can. I responded that I thought that for some reason I was getting a message not to make bean dip for the party. When she got to my house and handed me the beans — she said she knew exactly why it all happened — because she hadn’t laughed that hard in a very very long time.

Putting together the two things I had read earlier in the day — it made total sense now why I manifested dented cans of beans. My friend had indeed had fun.

backward selfielock of my hair donatedWhich leads me to today. There have been many things that have lined up Bing Bing Bing but let’s start with the Angel Card for today. It said I should do something different today to break free. My first thought was I didn’t have time to do something different today — I was having my first hair appointment in two years. And then I realized the Bing Bing Bing had already happened in just one minute. My hair dresser had agreed to cut my hair and donate it (I didn’t know this also meant I got a free hair cut — rules of the donation process). I had never done this before.

waterfall kelly'sWhile I waited on her deck (she cuts my hair there because of my MCS I can’t go in her shop). Earlier in the summer I had declared I was going on a waterfall hunt — big or small it didn’t matter — but preferably one a week. I hadn’t made it anywhere with a waterfall this week. I sat down in the chair and there it was.

Kelly said as I left, “I was hoping you’d get to see a hummingbird but they’ve been scarce lately.”

cardinal flower Lake NeathawantaI went to the lake to take pictures right after my hair cut and there deep in the woods flitting about a small batch of red flowers was a hummingbird. I missed the photo but I got to see the little gal twice. (Coincidence? I don’t think so!)

farthest point path Lake NeatahwantaI also broke free and walked farther along the lake than I ever have before. The part of the trail starts out wide enough to drive a car and continues to narrow — you have to eventually jump a culvert and climb over a fallen tree — it’s at this point the trail all but disappears. Today, I just kept going until I was almost to the southern part of the lake. It felt liberating to explore some place I had never explored before.

These were just a few of the things that occurred in the last few days — that some would call coincidences but I call them manifesting.

Have you manifested anything lately?