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full moon blue moonWe were able to see the moon most of the week — that is until the blue moon was to appear and the skies clouded over and it rained most of the night. I did, however, awake at 5 am to realize that my room was bright and it was moonlight streaming in. So I hung out of the window to capture the “blue” moon.

American Black Ducks Seneca RiverI also walked along the Oswego and Seneca Rivers this week and was amazed at the amount of American Black Ducks (and some hybrids with mallards). This summer I had to look them up in the bird book and now they seem to be everywhere. Do you think this is the Law of Attraction at work?

sign Erie Lock 24I went out to lunch this week so I also have a few photos of Lock 24 that was once part of the Erie Canal. If you’d like to read more about the canal go here to the NY Canal site. As always thanks for enjoying a nature walk with me and click to enlarge any photo.