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sign portage the pathfinder FulltonAs I stood taking pictures at Lock 2 of the Oswego Canal (click here for website on NY Canals) and I read the sign about the history of the site… I wondered as people canoed down the river in the 1700s what would they have seen…


certainly not the parking lot and bridges and lock and factory…

hydroelectric dam Oswego River Fulton

I looked at the wild flowers and thought at least they were there hundreds of years ago, but no… common mullein and chicory have been here a long time but are not native. At Lake Neatahwanta, I can more easily pretend that there are parts of the lake that remain untouched if I turn my back to the gazebo and the parking lots… but even then the invasive purple loosestrife and water lily come in to view.

falling water Fallbrook Oswego State

Last week, I posted photos of Fallbrook where the dam had been removed… and I wondered if we could do with a little less “harnessing” of nature and a little more harmonizing with it. What do you think? One of the few “native” images I captured this week was a song sparrow and it is quite lovely that one has been singing the entire time I’ve sat here. (As always enjoy your walk and click to enlarge any photo.)