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sunset yarddam rainbow Oswego River FultonBut are these photos real or illusion? I think most everyone on the planet now agrees that the sun doesn’t actually rise or set – it’s an illusion created because the earth rotates. (quote and reflections from Day 5 In the Pursuit of Love)

How many other illusions do I experience in a day?

If I wake up heart pounding because an angry dog chased me in my dream – is that real or illusion?

If I watch a romantic comedy and I cry at the moment it looks like the girl isn’t going to end up with the boy – is that real or illusion?

If I create a story in my head around what a friend may have said and I’m upset – is that real or illusion?

If my vivid childhood memory differs from my brother’s for the same event – is that real illusion?

bunny love RHLIt is said that truth lies somewhere between what I believe and what you believe? Maybe?! If it’s TRUTH – then shouldn’t it be true always? – for everyone? So is my pursuit really for Love or rather for Truth?  Or maybe, more aptly put – the Truth about Love?

So what is the Truth about Love? These are things I believe to be true:

Love and fear cannot coexist. The crazy thing is why would I ever stop feeling Love so that I can experience fear. And yet I do it every day.

Love has no boundaries or form or rules. There is a reason I can never write a poem or draw picture or say the right words to truly express Love. Love transcends. Love is.

God…Grace…created Love and nothing else. If you were God and you created Love why would you create anything else after that?

No one and I do mean absolutely no one is exempt from LOVE. No discussion needed. Okay I have to admit this is the one I struggle with the most. I will ponder how someone else can be so judgmental against a particular religion or sex or color or whatever and then I realize — I am judging the “judgmental” person and I’ve slipped into an illusion that I am being a loving person. So I believe it — I just haven’t learned to live it yet. Maybe this will be the moment I succeed.

reflection Lake NeatahwantaWhat are your illusions and your truths? How do you tell the difference?