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Falllbrook Lodgepeace free easy memorial bench Oswego StateI had one perfect day (75degF and sunny) this week to go take nature photos. Unfortunately, the road construction and dump trucks and garbage trucks, etc. set off my MCS so I only got halfway through my 11 minute drive before I had to turn around and come home. This, however, made me even more determined to get some photos because I know there are people out there who cannot even attempt to go somewhere in a car. So although it was a cloudy day I walked along Breitbeck Park, Glimmerglass Lagoon, what used to be Fallbrook Riding Stables (now is a reception/lodge). This of course, was thanks to my dad being willing to drive me so I could have this fun and share it with you.

if there are any birders, especially from Canada, maybe you can tell me if the little blackbird (on the telephone wire) is indeed a rusty blackbird. He fits the physical description but was not in a swampy area. He was on telephone wires near the lake — in central NY not Northern NY up to Canada. He was a mouthy little thing. I ignored him thinking he was a grackle or a starling but he was so insistent, I finally took his photo. Enjoy your nature walk (as always click to enlarge any photo).