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female rosebreasted grosbeck RHLMultiple times in my life, I have been told by people that they didn’t like me at all when they first met me. After getting to be friends with me I’ve gotten used to the comment – “I thought you were such a snob, but you’re really just shy.”

I went on to be long-time friends with these people.

But what if they never moved beyond their judgments and assumptions?

How many times did I not move beyond my judgments and assumptions?

How many friends did I lose out on because my fears made me feel small?

To have more love, I figure I need less or better yet — no judgment, but how can this be done in a world of duality? My whole day is judgments.

Today is cold which means I’ve compared it to a previously hot day.

If the guy flirting with me is cute than some other guy has to be unattractive.

Obviously, the answer is stop judging things as “good” or “bad”.  I’m thinking this is going to take a while. But today is the best day to start. The first thing I acknowledge is that I’m not really shy. I’m introverted. I can and do speak out when necessary. I socialize. I’m not afraid to be with other people. I just prefer the inner peace of watching a sunset to the loud music of a party. I prefer listening intently to the words of one person rather than dividing my attention between many people. Given the choice between reading an uplifting book and being with a group of people venting endlessly about the problems of the world — I choose the book.

So if you met me for the first time — would you like me? I don’t know. But I’m willing to let go of my judgments about you — if you’re will to let go of your judgments about me.

Have you ever met someone you didn’t “like” at first only to become good friends when you got to know them?