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Joe's Book SigningIf you have your camera with you — you never know when you’ll get a pic you like. I don’t think I’ve ever shot a sunset over the river. I had my camera at my buddy Joe’s book reading. (Joe’s blog) Although Joe left off the fragrance for me — unfortunately the other attendees did not. I knew I couldn’t drive until my brain fog lifted so I walked along the river and there was the gift of a beautiful sunset. I cut a peony to put in a vase for some real non-toxic fragrance in my house and there was a pretty green bug. I was going to breakfast with my dad and there was a deer in the road. Deer almost always travel with other deer — the one I photographed crossed the road and is waiting for the rest to come across. And of course, with my nesting osprey shot it is always fun to get the shot you patiently waited for. I hope you enjoy walking with nature today. (as always click to enlarge any photo)