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A dear friend, Sarah (AngloSaxonCeltCreates) suggested a while back that I re-read my “In The Pursuit of Love/New Year’s Resolution Series”. I’ve actually started to do that. I thought it might be fun to examine what I think of my own posts — pick out a quote or two which I feel are important to keep me moving forward — most importantly did I change after posting all of those words. 


building Oswego NY2“If you’re not sure if you’ve seen love or not – close your eyes – and just feel the echo of that moment and then you’ll know.”

Love is indestructible. Love is eternal. Love is bliss. Love is perfect.

brickwork old city hall OswegoAll these descriptions and yet not one of them tells us what love really is. Love can’t be described because love needs to be experienced. It needs to be felt. Love needs to be shared.  Too many of us know what love doesn’t feel like. It’s not envy or jealousy or anxiousness or apathy. If it has been a long time since you’ve felt love – knowing what it does not feel like is a great way to know which direction not to take on the path to love.

iron bars old city hall OswegoThis week — especially — I noticed that I have more often allowed others to walk their own path even if it seemingly takes them in the opposite direction from me. I say seemingly because with TRUE Love there are no boundaries. It is perfect that I decided last night to start this series of posts and awoke to Sarah posting photos from her trip to Bucharest — photos of beautiful buildings and roof lines. Wednesday, I had spent my day taking photos of stonework and bridges and roof lines and yesterday, I spent time re-sizing those photos and preparing them for Sunday’s photo post. Sarah and I have never shared the same physical space in a room — we haven’t even shared the same state. But we are drawn together because we both are seeking Love and Peace and Friendship.

lampost Linear Park OswegoSo what is the “echo of the moment” when I close my eyes? What I seek — I receive. If I seek love  — I find it. So a year and a half after starting my search for Love what have I found. Well some days I find chaos or disappointment or trepidation. I like to argue with myself on these days that “of course only a lunatic would seek these things on purpose” but the rule I learned — WHAT I SEEK — I RECEIVE — always holds true. Therefore, if I received them then I sought them. I often have to go deep to find the reason I sought something other than love. The cool thing is once I find the reason — as long as I acknowledge I got what I sought and I didn’t like it — in that instant — if I change to seeking Love — I will surely receive Love instead.

In the last 18 months, have you changed your beliefs or behaviors about/toward Love?

(Original Post: Day One In The Pursuit of Love)