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Image5ducklingsI wish peace to all people who bring love and guidance and wonderment to the life of a child.

I hope today you tell any person who has filled the role of mother for you how much they have meant to you.

These are a few of the things I wish for my mom to know:

Mom thank you for believing me when I told you I was disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Image5goslinggullThis may be crazy for people to understand who do not have MCS. I can’t imagine anyone telling their parent or family or friends or co-workers — I have a brain tumor or I have cancer or I have a heart condition — and those people not believing them. And yet, when I and others tell people we have MCS — we are often not believed.

Mom thank you for standing up for me. 

crowI know you hate confrontation. When others have said, “Colleen can’t expect others to change for her.” You spoke up. You told them my life depended on those changes. You told them — YES! I do have the right to expect those changes. I honor how difficult that must have been for you.

Mom thank for you arranging your Mother’s Day around my needs. 

woodlandsunflowerHaving a daughter disabled with MCS means no flowers from florists because they might have pesticides on the them. No synthetic scented bath oils or candles or perfume. No going out to your favorite restaurant because the wait staff or someone sitting next to me might have on perfume or the rest rooms maybe spritzing fragrance every few minutes.

Mom thank you for bearing the isolation with me. 

stretchingduckI know how lonely it can be that I cannot have most people visit me. If they contaminate my MCS safe house I have no where to go. You not only detoxed your home — you have refused entry to people who will not leave off the fragrances. You have put my health above your personal life. This is the greatest of gifts.

Image4ospreyMom thank you that although my illness maybe an Invisible Illness and many of my symptoms may not be visible to every one else — you see me and show me that I matter. With every beat of your heart I know that I am visible. Would that every person and especially everyone who travels the path of MCS have the love of a mother like you.