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I do not have a study to back me up but let’s consider that one person’s personal use of synthetic toxic fragrances could affect hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people and not just this generation but for generations to come.

When laundry is in your dryer — walk outside and see how far away from your house you have to go before you can no longer smell what is being released from your dryer vent. If it is a windy day you may have to walk VERY far. This is affecting your neighbors’ health as well as anyone walking or driving by.

Now watch the water flow out of your washer. Where is all that scented laundry soap going? It is going to become drinking water for someone else — many someone elses.

Imagine you’ve gone out in public. Wherever you’ve walked or sat you’ve left behind some of that toxic fragrance. Anyone who was near you has picked up that “fragrance” and carried it to their car and their homes to be shared with their families.

What if you’ve touched some money today? I have lost count the number of times synthetic fragrance has sickened me when I’ve handled money after someone whom I’ll never know touched it with “fragrance” on their hands. That cash does not stay in one’s hometown. Where ever that money goes — what ever toxic chemicals that were in that scented hand lotion or cologne or hand sanitizer …has traveled with it. That money could end up in any city, state or country.

As a person with MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) trust me that it is nearly impossible to buy anything and have it arrive at your home fragrance free:

If the fragrance free products are placed on shelves in a store where they sell “scented” products — the fragrance has now contaminated the fragrance free products.

If a store sells only fragrance free products and an employee stocking the shelves or a costumer picking up package and putting it back on the shelf are wearing or have used “fragranced” products  what ever they’ve touched will now be toxic enough to sicken me.

If one orders “fragrance” free products online — the product still has to be delivered to our doorstep. If our order has been handled by a person using “fragrances” our package will pick up the ‘fragrance” from their hands and from being carried in the truck where that “fragrance” is in the air.

Humans often say, “But one I’m just one person. I can’t make a difference.” I guarantee you can. I guarantee if you are wearing products that contain “fragrances” you are making a difference. Unfortunately, for me and any of the other millions of people with chemical sensitivities — it is a life-threatening difference. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at some time in their lives dreamed of being the hero in someone’s life. I guarantee if you give up using toxic synthetic fragrances — you will be the hero in mine and I imagine millions of other people’s lives too.

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