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clouds yardMay is MCS Awareness Month. I was going to blog every day about this topic — which if you haven’t read somewhere on this blog before — I am disabled from… BUT yesterday, I decided to take a walk first. I had started with one of me “healthiest” mornings in a long time. I was very productive and then set off into the wooded path for my walk and to snap some photos. It was very relaxing and peaceful and rejuvenating. And then on the way back — it wasn’t any of that anymore. I could not see the apartment building yet — it was still too far away — but the toxic fumes from scented laundry products literally stole my breath away. I tried to hold my breath and walk quickly out of the area. The toxic fumes travel a much greater distance than I can hold me breath so I was forced to breathe some of it in.

bathing goose North Bay2The thing about MCS is that some chemicals I react to immediately — spike a headache or lose my voice — some take a few minutes to react to — break out in hives or my throat closes off — some take hours — extreme fatigue or body aches. Since there are usually multiple toxic chemicals under the name “fragrance” all of the above can happen from one short exposure. Yes all of this “fun” happens because one person uses scented laundry products. Imagine what happens when millions do this every day….

tree buds RHLToday, I feel a bit like I have a hangover. But I feel AWARENESS is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow on another, so I will rally and write. Besides writing about my own MCS experiences this month — I’ll be sharing what others are blogging about the topic as well. I hope you get to breathe only fresh clean air today. And I hope you never find yourself too old or educated or smart to be curious to learn something new or to be open to change. For me, I’m curious what a Reading Box is (from Linda’s post) and who is adventurous enough to garden naked? (from Sonda’s Post)

Assistive Devices for People with MCS/ES (Linda from Canada)

MCS is the second day of MCS Awareness and Naked Gardening Day (Sonda USA)

May 1st the is first day of MCS Awareness Month (Sonda USA)