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Walking in nature one never knows what one will find.  I spotted a great blue heron from the car and decided to stay in the car — this worked out quite well since the heron decided to walk toward me. I’m not sure how close it would have come because someone walked by and scared it off. And that is the fun of nature photography.

end of trail NorthbayI got daring today and walked to the end of a nature trail that goes around the local campgrounds. I usually turn back because of my MCS — I don’t do well with campfires and propane gas stoves… but since they were closed I daringly followed the trail along the lake and back into the woods to find… utter disappointment. The trail only went in a few feet and dead ended at a swampy area. Oh well at least I was daring. Enjoy this week’s walk with nature. (as always click to enlarge any photo).

Oh and joy of joys — it snowed some more this week.

spring snow