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hawklake 2This week celebrates both Earth Day and Arbor Day. The entire month of May informs about MCS. For me these days are not about doing something major. They are about adding a small change to my everyday actions that will have a positive impact on the Earth for generations to come. I’ve learned with my MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) disability that many people shut down and stop listening when they realize this isn’t just a Colleen problem — this is a global problem. Most people when they see a problem as being that BIG — they see it as bigger than themselves and then they see it as a government problem or “their’s” not my problem.

falllaken2These days are like any other day. They are about celebrating what we’ve accomplished and a re-assessment of what we still need to change.

Can you alone solve Global Climate Change or prevent toxic chemicals from being added to our products or stop a war? Maybe not. But you can add your voice and your actions to the millions of others seeking change.

Image17irisYou CAN start with one change and when that one change becomes part of your normal routine pick another small change and then another… What would the world look like today if everyone (that would be over 7 billion people) made one small positive change?

EXCUSE: I’ve Always Done It This Way!

dam Phoenix 2This is what my dad said when I asked him why he was washing everything in either hot/warm water. I asked him to change and if he didn’t like it he could go back. I’m proud of my dad.


THE REASON TO CONSIDER CHANGING: This takes no more time or money than pushing the hot/warm button.

It does save you money.

It does reduce the fossil fuels being used to heat the water.

ducksdamwinterIt does reduce carbon emissions from burning that fossil fuel thereby reducing the devastating affects of climate change.

It does reduce the risk of oil spills. Oil doesn’t have to be transported if it is not needed.

It does reduce the energy used to pump and transport and refine the fossil fuels used to heat the water.

Image4fallsIt does reduce the environmental pollution created by extracting the fossil fuels used to heat the water. If water is not heated — the fossil fuels don’t need to be extracted.

lakeontairioToday challenge the assumption that you are too insignificant to make a difference. Believe you are the only person who can change the world.  Believe if not you than who? Today challenge the assumption that because it’s always been done that way than it is the “right” way or the “best” way to do it now. Now is the only chance we have. If we wait until tomorrow — change will be impossible — we can never exist in tomorrow. The power to change exists in us right now.

What peaceful change will you bring to the Earth today?

I’ve shown this video before but I can find no better reason to make a change today.