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I went out and nature walked and took photos all but one day — so yes there are lots of pics. The snow goose I saw about a month ago has decided to stay and make “friends” with one of the Canada Geese. The osprey are back in full force. I saw ten yesterday in Oswego. The deer have been grazing in the field morning, noon and night. The Law of Attraction worked in the form of a yellow-bellied sapsucker. I’ve been seeing a few red-bellied woodpeckers at Round Hog Lane and in my head I kept changing the name to Red-bellied sapsucker. Then I went off on a whole thought about how I love the name yellow-bellied sapsucker and what the heck does one look like. As I was photography the red-bellied woodpecker another bird came to visit on the same tree. I managed to get a shot of both. When I got home to look up what the other bird was called — yup you guessed it — it was a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Enjoy your walk with nature. (click to enlarge any photo).