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This was one of my most adventurous weeks seeking out nature. I did not get photos of the deer which ran in front of the car. I did take a few photos of the first beaver I have ever seen in the wild. He only hung out for three minutes and the light was reflecting off the water but I hope to spy him again this week. Saturday was a lot of fun with strong winds off of Lake Ontario — the ducks were riding the waves and the wind was knocking me around but I managed a few shots without getting motion sickness. The Pileated Woodpecker was the toughest shot of the week. I was trying to get out of the woods due to toxic fumes coming from the dryer vents of an apartment building nearby — when after two weeks of hearing him — he landed near me. The cemetery featured is from the mid-1700s and is reported to be haunted. Unfortunately, no ghosts showed while I was there. Enjoy your walk with nature. Peace. (click on any photo to enlarge)