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This week we have had it all as far as weather. Just from Friday to Saturday morning we had fog, snow, sun, rain. We had 30 degrees and we had 68 degrees. I got to be the closest to a heron I’ve been in a long while. Unfortunately, the weather clouded over and started to snow hard and then harder. My hat flew off my head and most of my shots were blurry. My camera had a war trying to focus between the flying snow, the stationary heron and the rushing river. Even though they aren’t high quality, I included a few for the MCSers out that who never get out of their houses and of course those like me who love birds.

mooseMy dad and I were driving by and Moose wanted his photo taken — he’s my dad’s friendly neighbor.

I included a second mini slideshow this week. I wasn’t sure how some would feel about watching a turkey vulture rip apart an opossum — so if you have a weak stomach stick to the birds and deer…. As always click to enlarge any photo. Enjoy walking with nature. Peace.


Here are some photos of turkey vulture scavenging a dead opossum — heads up it you don’t like guts and stuff.