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This week as I was driving home my breaks on my car gave out. Lucky me I was only going two blocks. Apparently, the big wet spot on the garage floor wasn’t snow melting off my car — it was break fluid. That was last Sunday. I thought with no car — no pictures. But the deer came to my yard three days in a row, the birds came to the feeder at my mom’s, and I found a few waterfowl on my morning drive with Dad. I always get excited when I have to take my bird book out to look up a species. I have a few waterfowl I cannot identify which may be hybrid mallards but I believe I have my first photos of pied-billed grebes. (click any photo to enlarge). It was FREEZING with STRONG winds Saturday so it was fun trying to get shots in focus — the wind was pushing me around. Have fun walking with nature. Peace.