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Happy Vernal Equinox (or Autumnal if in the Southern Hemisphere)

Today is opposite of what I hope Spring will look like.

ringbilledgullfultonThere are still feet of snow on the ground.

waterfowloswegoriverfultonWaterfowl still brave the frigid icy Oswego River and the song birds still winter to the south.

iceoswegoriverfultonThe temperature is still below freezing. The sun valiantly attempts to loosen winter’s grip.

snowoswegoriverfultonOne has to look for white snow as most is black and brown from man’s attempt to hold it back from the roads.

NorthernCardinalyardToday is a gray sky freezing gloomy day. This is because I’ve allowed my eyes to convince my mind that it is so.

Image22lokiToday my blind arthritic elderly cat — whose normal day doesn’t deviate from eating, sleeping and bathing — PLAYED. She has almost died repeatedly this year so when I went to see what the commotion was I thought she was having a seizure. Indeed, she was seizing the moment. Loki was swatting at some unseen object beneath the chair and pouncing on something on the floor and meowing and climbing the furniture. This all only lasted a few minutes — she is again asleep next to me. Since she cannot see anything with her eyes — all of this joy was created from her mind.

What a reminder that whether I see:


Image3cardinalOR THIS TODAY….

Image14peoniesSpring is the season where love blooms

whiteadmiralbutterflylakepeace transforms

Image11rainbowhope rises

Spring like all transformation is all a state of mind. If what you see out of your window today belies this fact — close your eyes — and “see” like Loki — our minds hold all the beauty and warmth and joy our eyes could ever hope to experience.