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cloudymoonA while back I wrote a post: What Mind Movies Did You Watch Today? I asked the question: “I want a script with a happy ending. But how do I re-write the script to get one?” I’m a writer so I can imagine all sorts of endings for my thoughts that take over my mind on a daily basis. The fact is most of them — as I wrote about in the previous post — end with a winner and a loser — a hero and a villain — isn’t that the basis of all great stories? However, I want peace. And peace can only exist with the absence of conflict.

sunset2lakenWriting new endings for my Mind Movies was still resulting in a conflict. At first, I tried to reason that as long as I was the hero or the winner — then I was at peace. Obviously, not. One can’t have a little bit of peace or a little conflict. It is one or the other. So I tried something else. It is a fact that light and dark can not coexist. So I turned my “dark” thoughts — my conflicted thoughts — into light.

Image10sunsetLittle balls of happy floating light to be exact. Whenever, I start to think of a conversation that irked me or how someone let me down or any annoyance no matter to what degree — in my mind — I imagine that person turning into a ball of light. There are no facial features to interpret — no body language that communicates — no words to argue with. How, indeed can one argue or be annoyed with a ball of light.

oswegolighthouseEventually, I imagine this ball of light as happy and zinging around and soon I imagine myself doing the same.

Image11rainbowIf you think I’m nuts — think how often staring at the stars or the moon or a sunset — elevates your mood. Why do so many of us find joy in watching a fireworks display or staring into a campfire? Have you ever gasped at the beauty of a rainbow? Darkness is always dispelled by light. Try bringing some light to your imaginings and let me know if you feel lighter yourself.