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snowrosebushImage2redrosesI took pictures of the feet of snow that blanket my yard. Being mid-February, I started to dream of Spring or at least the hope of Spring. I thought to do a post contrasting photos from different seasons, but I didn’t really know how to link them as a cohesive theme. And then Sarah (AngloSaxonCeltCreates) commented, “And you live there why?”

snowjapaneseanenomeImage1anemoeIsn’t this the big question we all ask either consciously or unconsciously? Why do we live on planet Earth? Of course, Sarah’s question was directed  specifically at my living in the snowbelt of Central NY, so let’s address that first. The surface answer would be this is where I was born, where my family lives, where I have a sense of community… But if I answer this honestly, in my younger years it was because of fear.

snowrasberryredadmiralbumblebeeWhen I was eight (after my dad died) my mom wanted to move to Arizona — my brother and I were afraid to leave our friends — so we stayed. After college, I married someone who now in hindsight, I married because I decided someone was better than no one. He was worried about relocating his business — so we stayed. I did one summer pack all of my teaching stuff and emptied my classroom deciding to leave all the toxic fragrances behind. My mom got really sick and I was afraid to make that many changes all at once — so I stayed.

snowroseofsharonrubythroatedhummingbirdThe last few years ego has laid a whole lot of chaos on my doorstep — topping the list would be my disability with MCS and the issues that sprouted up from that one root problem. I decided the only way to survive this mess was to follow the detour Grace always has waiting for me (if I was willing to take it). For the first time, I am living where I am not out of fear but because of Grace. Last year I prayed, “What should I do about my house?” The answer I received was wait for Spring and ask that question again. And so I will. 

Image2foxbeemothI have thought — where is a perfect place to live? As long as I live on planet Earth there will be duality no matter where I live. Blizzards here — hurricanes in Florida. Frigid winters here — sweltering summers in the southwest. Black ice here — flash floods there….

I know my friend was only kidding around when she asked her question, but I think it is a very good question for each of us to ask. For me — my instinct says that Grace has a purpose for me being in this place — at least for now. And truthfully, I can’t imagine living without this:






So why do you live where you do?