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029I’ve been spending a lot of time lately focused on the Law of Attraction. Specifically, aligning my thoughts to happy — loving — peaceful thoughts and emotions. It is amazing how often my thoughts drift to something that would have to lead to a negative outcome by the rules of the Law of Attraction. I frequently visualize myself in the role of a rescuer. This sounds very noble and heroic EXCEPT to be a rescuer I must attract to me someone needing to be rescued. This means someone out there has to suffer so I can manifest what I’ve put my attention on. It is taking practice but I am starting to visualize a world that doesn’t need saving.

004It takes a lot of effort to learn something. It takes even more to have to unlearn it and then learn it “correctly”. With that thought in mind I’ve kept the remote handy for my TV. I have stopped listening to commercials, TV shows, and to music that in any way puts a thought into my head that is contrary to what I want. I want health and peace and love and fresh air.

Image1ducklingsSo why don’t we have a Cabinet of Peace? I would say that not enough of us have imagined it into being. In the US government there are 15 cabinets which basically advise the president on different issues. Three of the cabinets are directly related to war and fighting: Cabinets of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs and Homeland Security. At first glance, the Department of Justice sounds like it would be about peace. If however you read the purpose: criminal investigation and enforcement — I guess not.

Where I live, we have our local police, the sheriff’s department for the county and the State Troopers for the state and the Border Patrol because I live in a state near the US-Canada border. We have three branches of the military. This is a whole lot of people being paid to carry weapons and being trained to prepare to fight. NOW LET ME SAY THIS — I’M NOT NAIVE — I’M NOT ABOUT TO SUGGEST WE CAN AT THIS TIME ELIMINATE ANY OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS. I honor these people for putting their lives on the line for me.


WHY AREN’T WE GIVING EQUAL OR GREATER ATTENTION TO HAVING PEACE IN THE FIRST PLACE OR PUTTING PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS INTO PLACE BEFORE OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER A CONFLICT? We throw everything we’ve got at a conflict and virtually nothing at insuring it never happens again. Right now in the US — some kids chose to go in the military as a career choice. However, many can’t get a job or afford college so the choice becomes welfare or the military. Why can’t we give kids another peaceful productive choice? A choice where they can enlist for two years — not to train to fight — but to train to build and create and uplift in their communities to insure that those trained to fight hopefully never have to. Where they can get paid and earn credits for college just like in the military. Where they build playgrounds and clean up rivers and plant trees and help the elderly and support community projects and tutor kids….

Image4greatblueheronWhat would it feel like to be a kid who upon high school graduation is guaranteed an active vital role in their community? Who is guaranteed a higher education? Who is guaranteed the respect and honor given to those who serve their country in other capacities?

Here is a TED talk that speaks to the need for action to attain peace. So what do you think — do we need a Peace Cabinet? Do we need a Department of Peace?