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There are 364 days to Christmas. What are we going to do with them? Now, while this past Christmas is fresh in our minds is the time to think about what we would like to do differently with how we celebrate. With my MCS, I was breaking out in hives and my throat closing off from my parents’ artificial tree. In the conversation of what to do next year, my parents decided to get a small tree that can be planted after the holidays. This year we cut way back on gift giving and much of what we gave was food treats.

These are some TED talks for a relaxing but thoughtful day after many in the world are recuperating from too much… and others from an abyss of not enough….



Tristram Stuart: Global Food Waste Scandal (14:12)

The US has 4X the food it needs to feed every American and yet kids go to bed hungry in my city. Why? Have you ever had a sandwich made from the crust ends in a restaurant? I haven’t. This amazing talk made me look at how we often already have what we need to solve problems in our communities — we just need to redistribute the resources and stop wasting them.

 Emily Pilloton: Teaching Design for Change (16:43)

This is an amazing talk to show how poverty can be overcome. How students can be the driving force to change their communities. That if we give them the opportunity. Our youth are the assets and resources needed to bring community together.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating (7:18)

In both our community as a whole and within our school system the question often arises why are so few people striving for something better? This talk succinctly shows the importance of doing something worthy that you love. I know very — and I mean very — few people in my community who I can say — LOVE what they are doing or feel that they are doing something worthy. For change to happen we need to start helping people to find something that they love more than themselves.