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TownChristmasTreeLots of ads to buy more stuff for Christmas. A new house will be built next door to me in the Spring. My smoke detectors beeped off the other night. What do you want for Christmas? All these things this week really made me think about STUFF. I’ve managed to stay in my house because I have vacant lots on either side, behind me and across the street. This has given me some buffer from the toxic doings of my neighbors. In the Spring when the bulldozer and tractors come in with their diesel exhaust and when toxic paint is applied and another neighbor adds to the toxic laundry soap and fabric softener being spewed into the air — I’m done with this house.

Image1snowyardBut I’m calmly okay with this. It’s just a house. It’s just stuff. It’s just one more change.

It got me thinking though, what if every ten years we had a choice:

1. Give up all your physical (non-living) possessions except you get to pick ten things to keep and only ten things.


Image1tvnox2. You keep your stuff except someone gets to come and pick any ten (non-living) things of yours for themselves.

Which would you pick? Would you choose to keep more stuff like example #2 but risk loosing your house, car, boat, TV … Or would you choose #1 where you have control over the ten things? What 10 things would you keep?

If you knew you were going to have to give stuff up every ten years — would it change what you chose to accumulate in that time?

PeacelakeOr would you stop accumulating stuff because you’d just have to give it up anyway and instead spend your money and time on travel or service to others or mediation or doing acts of kindness? In other words — doing things that no one can ever take away? Would you focus on things that can’t be bought or sold or taken away like Love and Peace and Joy?

What will you accumulate today? What “things” do you prize above all else?



Here are a couple of posts that from friends if you are still wondering what you should give someone whom who think has every thing: “Stop Giving Me Christmas Presents” by Joe. And “A (Virtual) Gift Bag For You” by Linda.

All I want for Christmas is fresh non-toxic fragrance free air (and Love and World Peace of course)!