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granbytrailI did something this week that I normally don’t do — I wrote a bunch of blog posts ahead of time. Today, I should have just clicked publish and been done with my blogging for the day. A different path presented itself. I am slowly learning that it is ultimately more peaceful to follow the path that I am given rather than the one I had planned

bltrailIf I had started with posting first, you’d be reading a very different post. Instead, I checked my emails first — this led me to my buddy Joe’s site to read his post on buying one less present this year. His idea to give that money to someone who has needs rather than wants. Mostly importantly to give of yourself to the ones you love.

wildflowersgranbytrailIn my heart last night somehow I knew but I would not accept the fact that my MCS sister, my supporter, my friend Kathryn Chastain Treat had died yesterday. This morning, I read tributes to her and I cried. (Sonda’s and Jennie’s) I repeated in my head that I knew I was being selfish. I didn’t cry for Kathryn. I cried for me. I know she is free of the pain and suffering of MCS and EI. I know she only knows Joy and Love now. But I am going to miss her wisdom and her uplifting words and her friendship.

deercampus3I prayed that somehow I would be given the courage  and the wisdom to remember that we are all One that we are all Loved that we never walk alone.

I went back to my emails and there was a Christmas message from my friend Jim. (His website) I am thankful for the Grace that brought me this path today so that I can remember — I have no reason to be lonely or sad because I am always Loved.