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Image2birdA friend recently asked me the question:  “Do you think it’s important to find meaning in synchronicities, or are they just signs that you’re on the right path?” Now here is a gold star question. My answer — it depends. I have asked myself this question many times over the last decade. What am I supposed to learn from this? My friend doesn’t know it but there was synchronicity in her question for me. She used an example of synchronicity involving starlings.

Image5swanSaturday, I was taking photos where a bit of synchronicity had occurred a year ago with this friend involving a swan. The pair of swans were only there a few weeks and I have never seen them again. I wondered if I ever would. And I gave thanks that the shared thoughts with my friend that had brought them into my life in the first place.

starlingssunriseoswegoI turned around from my photo shoot and there in the same tree as last week and the week before and the week before that were starlings. I was mildly annoyed. Starlings in my world are not nearly as exciting to photograph as swans. I was going to get in the car without taking a picture. But more birds kept coming and they were very busy flitting about. Usually they just perch. They clearly wanted my attention so I took a few pictures. As I got in the car, I felt there would be some kind of synchronized moment and I wondered if it would be with my friend as I had just thought about her and the swans.

And then nothing happened. Not Saturday. Not Sunday. And then Monday it did. I’ll leave to my friend if she wants to tell her side of the synchronicity.

So back to the original question:  “Do you think it’s important to find meaning in synchronicities, or are they just signs that you’re on the right path?” My answer — YES. I don’t believe in coincidences. But I also don’t believe that all synchronous moments carry the same purpose. They fall into groups for me — some times in one group some times in all of the above.


Image (10)When I stared out of the window one day and it was freezing and the water was flooding my street — I thought about the day I had moved into my house that was so like this moment. I specifically thought about my son’s friend who as a teenager got out of bed on a miserable Saturday morning to help us move. And the moment I thought all this the phone rang. It was of course my son’s friend. My son no longer lived with me at the time and his friend kept repeating “Why did I call this number, I know Andy doesn’t live there anymore.” He was truly baffled. I was not. The Law of Attraction works just like gravity — every time. I thought about this young man with enough emotion and for a long enough duration that I attracted that phone call. No deeper meaning than that.


I don’t believe there is truly any totally unrequested sign. Often however I will ask a question or think about something that I was not specifically directing toward an ascended master or guardian angel or Source or …  And then I turn on the radio or pick up book to read or watch TV and my exact question is answered. I was on an hour-long drive one day on a road with multiple speed changes 35 mph — 55 mph — 45 mph. I had lost track of the speed limit. I stressed over the fact that I might be 20 mph off the limit. And the words (Aretha Franklin’s song, Freeway of Love) came on: “City traffic’s movin’ way to slow, Drop the pedal and go, go, go.” And so I sped up to 55 mph. The speed limit dropped a 1/2 mile later but someone was listening.


This is as it sounds. “If I’m supposed to do this — give me this sign sort of thing.” You can either pick the sign or leave it up to Source. This is the category of synchronicity that really led me to follow a more spiritual path. I went through a period where I asked for a sign for just about everything I did. I didn’t always get the answer I expected — or hoped for — or even liked — but I always got the sign.


These Hello’s fall into two categories for me: the something “bad” is going to happen and I just want to let you know I’m here. And the I heard you talking about me just acknowledging I heard you. This is like when I was talking to my mom about my dad (who died in 1966) and then I helped make her bed and I spotted a dime caught in the sheets and it was dated 1966. It was my dad’s equivalent of an email or greeting card if he lived out of state. He appreciated being remembered and held in our hearts.


This is the one where everything seems to go wrong and I keep the faith and then like dominoes lined up — everything falls into place. Sometimes to gift me the good stuff —  Source has to clear out the stuff that is not working — that is holding me back first — and then when the path is cleared of all the old stuff holding me back — the gifts come flooding in.

Do you have a category of synchronicity to share? Do you ask for signs?