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These ARE TED talks that gave me chills. The good kind of chills. The kind that tells me the spiritual flame needs to be turned up. Silence is right if it is so I can hear wonder but silence is a wrong if it allows another human to be placed in a prison of discrimination or poverty or intellectual deprivation or stranded in a desert where each grain of sand represents the apathy of our fellow guardians of this earth.



Clint Smith: The Danger of Silence (4:18)

Would that every teacher expected this of their students: “Read Critically. Write Consciously. Speak Clearly. Tell your Truth.” Now those are standards to establish a curriculum and a common core  around and statements to leave no child behind.

Majora Carter has two TED talks, I have included both, since both involve changing communities and that is the goal that started my marathon sessions watching TED Talks. These people showcased, demonstrate that passion will take you to your goal.

Greening the Ghetto (18:36)

3 Stories of Eco-entrepreneurship