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sluggranbytrailOkay. There really isn’t a Slowness Day to celebrate but I think there ought to be. Do you ever sit and just look out your window? Do you walk holding someone’s hand (all technology turned off) and enjoy the silence of their presence? Does your dinner take 3 minutes in the microwave or 4 hours slow-cooked in the oven?

Without the use of technology, what did you spend the longest time doing today? (remember it’s a G-rated blog) Was it cooking? Or gardening? Or reading a book? Having a conversation? Or writing a letter? Or watching nature?

oswegoriverbldgI often wonder when I post photos each Sunday — how long do people spend looking at each photo. Is it a quick run through and then on to the next thing for the day? Does anyone pause and really look at each detail? Did you see there is one gull of a different species than the rest? Do the gulls ever collide with the orange buoys? Why are the buoys there? Are there people working in the brick building? What type of business is in there? How deep is the water?

Have you heard of Slow TV? Apparently, the Norwegian Public Television has broadcast an entire 7 hour train ride and a 5 day ship journey and more slow things. This is totally unscripted and unedited for a timeline. As soon as I saw the footage of the train traveling through the Norwegian countryside, I knew I could settle in for a nice slow journey. What about you — are you a destination person or a journey person?

I hope you can slow down enough today to celebrate something — anything — as long as it brings you more love.