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A snow angel (or two stopped by)Image1angel                                            Not this kind of snow angel

snow driveway

This kind of snow angel.

I do try to live what I write here. Yesterday, I wrote about 87 percent of people being in the lower energy weak place to exist and only 13 percent (thanks Linda for the assist on the math :D) being always in the creating high energy emotions of love and compassion and joy and peace… I have moments existing with the 13 percent but I haven’t managed to stay there for even an entire day–  okay not even an hour. But I have glimpsed that glorious creative energy — and would love to exist there all the time.

sunsetlakeNeatahwanta1I meditated a few days ago — how can I be of service — how can I serve the greater good? I got back — perform every act of kindness you can AND expect NOTHING in return. I find the first part of that to be relatively easy. I watched a delivery guy going up and down the street obviously lost. When he stopped in front of my house I was already on my porch anticipating he needed directions. He was a young guy who was obviously stressed. There is one empty lot between my neighbor and myself but the house numbers jump by a difference of 40 numbers. The driver heaved a great sigh of relief that I knew where he needed to go and I was fine with him turning around in my driveway.

stormylakeneahtahwantaNow comes the ego. It was dark when all this occurred and most packages are left by the door. I imagined that my neighbor might not know the package was there so I called. No ego yet — but here it comes. I found myself saying, “Did you know you had a package delivered?” (no ego) — yes she did — here comes the ego — I ended the conversation with “I helped the guy who was lost and wasn’t sure you got the package.” Definite Ego.

Dscn9202Another neighbor was “snowblowing” his driveway — well trying to — the wheels were turning but the blades were not so the snow was getting pushed ahead of the machine. I watched for a few minutes and thought of offering him my snowblower to use then it flashed into my head, what if he gets hurt with it? (fear equals ego). I finally yelled over and made the offer (no ego or so I thought). He declined but I realized instead of just saying “Do you want to use my snowblower?” I said that and added “I never use it because of it bothers my chemical issue.” Major ego. I realized that somewhere in my thoughts, that I wasn’t even conscious of, I hoped that when he was done with his driveway then we would clean out mine.

drivewaysnow3At that point I was thankful that he declined because I didn’t want ego involved in my supposed act of kindness. I went out to shovel the very heavy snow giving thanks for the time to clear my head of my ego thoughts. About the time my arms were about to give out with much left to shovel — another neighbor headed over with his snowblower and with no expectations — showed me an act of kindness. It continued to snow most of the night. I awoke this morning facing a few hours of shoveling. I looked out and my driveway had been plowed. Another neighbor was bringing his tractor to his place of business to remove the snow there and stopped at my house to do my driveway first.

So today I am going to keep practicing my acts of kindness — any bets out there how long I can keep my ego out of the situation?

Whether you are giving or receiving the kindness today, I hope you receive the infinite amount that is available to us all.

What kindness stories would you like to share?