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christamasThe holiday season is upon us.

I have 23 days left to go before the end of my New Year’s Resolution. I have written a lot of words on this blog. Sarah (Blog AngloSaxonCeltCreates) commented that I should go back through my old posts and reread them. I have started to do so. In fact, my last few posts of the year will be snippets from each of those posts. Some of my posts were sad — some uplifting — some close to snarky. The thing with putting my words out into the global community is I can only hope that people realize I wrote what I wrote from a place of authenticity at THAT MOMENT. This year of blogging every day has changed me.

ringbilledgulllockThe first that I realized is yes, I knew going in, what I write here or in a book is pretty much a forever thing. This year of posting has raised my awareness of what I say in person — that those words are forever too. It is certainly up to the other person if they interpret my words as uplifting or destructive. It is my responsibility to say words with the most authenticity and compassion I can.

I would offer as a suggestion that each of us spend at least as much time contemplating and spreading words of love as we spend selecting presents and planning what to wear to the yearly holiday parties.

Please help me add to this list:

Say the words I’m sorry or I forgive you to someone who deserves to hear them.

Wish sales clerks and grocery check out people and secretaries and sanitation works and anybody else who has a job that involves dealing with “crap” all day — a happy day,

Image8birdswireSpeak to the person standing in line with you and ask them the best part of their day.

Sit down to dinner with your family and talk.

Invite people over to your house who don’t know each other.

Greet your neighbors and learn about them.

Image1birdsCall that friend you’ve been meaning to but have been too busy to make the call.

Especially sit down and speak to a person you’ve been avoiding because you meant to be there for them in their time of need and now so much time has slipped by you feel guilty. It is never too late to offer kindness.

scarybirdSpeak up for what is right even it is not the popular stance.

Tell someone you despise– one nice thing about themselves.

Image4scaryLook in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and kind and smart. If you don’t believe those works keep doing it until you do.

Even if you’ve thanked someone for doing something nice for you — if it is an ongoing thing keep thanking them.

Do all of these things without expecting anything in return. Let us know how this worked for you.

Image (9)For example: I went in the library to pick up my complimentary book that I had contributed to. I complimented the librarian that the library was fragrance-free as was she. This shifted the mood. I had walked in as they opened and she was a bit harried having to find my copy. This compliment shifted her stress. It also opened up the conversation. We spoke about our contributions to the book. And then we spoke about MCS — that she knew of someone else who got severe headaches from perfume but didn’t know there was name for it. And then another person joined in. He mentioned his deodorant — was that a good kind? It was what I use. And then he showed me an article he had just read about Dr. Bronner’s company — also products I use. By the end of the conversation the gentlemen was suggesting I give a workshop on the topic. All because I said thank you for something the person didn’t even know she was being appreciated for.

How many authentic uplifting things can you say in a day?



(Please note I made no money for any products mentioned)