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hornetsnestIt’s amazing what is right under our noses but we don’t see it. This hornet’s nest is in plain view now that the leaves have fallen. I probably walked by it 40 or 50 times and never knew it was there.

Last night I was at a meeting with a group of people from my town who want to improve the overall spirit of our town. Those in our town know of the hornet’s nest in the room — apparently we are the city with the highest taxes in the US, 51 percent poverty rate, empty houses, loss of major industries …. What lots of people aren’t talking about are the things in plain view:

oswegoriverdamA BEAUTIFUL RIVER






fallrecreationparkLOTS OF PARKS

What was great about our meeting last night:

People showed up to voice the needs of their pet project rather than vent about a pet peeve.

Everyone commented how it was great to sit in a room where everyone had something positive to say.

We all learned something new about positive things happening in our community that we didn’t know about.

Every person offered help in some way: time, expertise, money, office space…

The group agreed to leave off perfume/cologne, aftershave, lotions etc. so that I can attend the meetings.

The meeting wasn’t about what can someone do for me — it was what do I have to offer to my community.

We generated a list of things to work on but I would love to hear if you were to decide to move to our community — what would be the most important thing we could offer that would make us special? Would it be nature trails or the arts or great food …?

What do you love most about where you live?