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How many things have to go right in a day for it to almost perfect? How many things in a day have to go wrong to make it bad or even horrible?

I set about thinking how many good things happen on a typical day:

I woke up.

My house is warm.

The bills are paid.

The earth kept turning so there is sunlight to grow food and see by.

The Yellowstone supervolcano didn’t explode.

My dad is running errands for me.

I have fresh water and food and shelter and a warm bed.

I have all five senses.

The earth keeps revolving around the sun so longer days will soon be here.

I have music at my fingertips.

The internet is working.

There is electricity, phones, toilets, TV, sewers, garbage pick up, email…

My friends and family love me.

The God I believe in is a loving God and I live in a country where I get to express my spiritual views.

You get the idea. I could continue to lists thousands of things that have gone right since I got up this morning. In truth, this list has been true most days for many decades. However, if you asked me how many perfect days have I had in the last twenty years — I would have to ponder this for a long time. My answer would be maybe a couple. Why is it that 10,000 things can go right in a day and one thing — maybe misplaced car keys or a flat tire or forgetting to set the alarm clock — could move my day from almost perfect to instantaneously bad or even horrible?

Why is it easier to store up the bad emotions then the good? If someone told me they loved me a thousand times and came up to me and said they were displeased with me — the pain of those words would wash over me and override the joy of all the I love yous.

I guess that is where gratitude comes in. I rarely stop in a day to be grateful for the earth turning or the rain watering my plants or the fact that someone loves and trusts me enough to expose their hurt by telling me they are displeased.

So how many good things have happened to you today and how many “bad” things would have to happen to tip the scale?