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There are “things” which most people would find beautiful.

There are things most people would not find beautiful.

And of course those things that with a little help become so.

What if today we saw everything and everyone as beautiful? I looked at a giant sediment bag… it looked ugly and blocked the view of what I thought of as beautiful.


At first I could not find beauty in its form but I did in its function. As the lake is dredged the sediment is pumped into these bags. The dredging will open up the natural springs in the lake thus restoring the health of the lake. The sediment will be sold to farmers to grow crops which will nourish people.

Then yesterday, I watched the water flow and the ice form. And I found the beauty in what I have previously thought of as an eyesore.


What have you thought of as lacking in beauty but when you looked again — you realize there is beauty there after all?