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turkeyparsonsrdMy jobs for Thanksgiving are make the pies and the gravy. I haven’t liked the way my crust has been turning out so I used my friend’s recipe. I didn’t realize that unlike my 2 crust recipe — her’s was for a one crust pie. Let’s just say when I made it stretch into a 2 crust pie anyway — instead of being flaky — it was like eating a cracker. Fortunately, my family will eat anything that is sweet with very little complaint.

We had everything on the table read to eat– as my dad craved the turkey — the juice was pink — the turkey wasn’t cooked. Mom cookedΒ it upside down which apparently affects the cooking time — significantly. We went ahead and ate without the turkey.

At the table, my dad shared the story of how a few nights ago he got up, showered, shaved, and ate breakfast before he realized it was only 2 am.

The main difference between these oops stories is — my mom and I kept seeking reassurance. “Is the pie okay?” “I’ve never done that with the turkey before. Do you think anyone else did that today?” My dad told a bunch of his friends about his oops moment. He didn’t need any reassuring. He just needed a good laugh.

Image5smileSo does anyone have any good oops stories they want to share so we can all laugh without judgment? Or are you like me when you mess up — you need someone to reassure you it will be okay and then maybe you can laugh about it?